Online Consultation with Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC

For Potential New Patients or People Simply Looking for Treatment Options for their Pain

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If you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Tyna Moore or simply seeking answers regarding Regenerative Injection Therapies, this is the place to start.

Why an Online Consultation with Dr. Moore?

Because people often have a multitude of questions regarding Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma and stem cell treatments, and simply do not know where to begin, especially when they are in pain.

Over the past decade in private practice I have found, more than anything, patients would simply like some skillful direction. The medical system itself leads to chaos for many, with referrals here for this and referrals there to something else. This path is rarely economical on both money and time. People in pain do not have the time or energy to waste on inefficiency.

Getting straight answers can be difficult and costly. Many factors go into whether or not a person is even a good candidate for these treatments. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Regenerative Injection Therapies, I have found a few things to be true:

  • Not all pain is bio-mechanical in nature.
  • Not all pain is responsive to these types of therapies.
  • Not every condition is appropriate for injection.
  • The pain generator is not always musculoskeletal.
  • If a person's health is not optimal, they may not respond, or conversely, they may flare.

For those seeking treatment in my clinic, or simply wanting more clarity and direction, my availability has been limited. There are only so many new patient slots in a week. Currently, it can take weeks to months to get on my schedule. I am also taking a select number of new patients in 2018 as my practice is close to full.

Until now, becoming a new, in-person patient at my clinic was the only way to access me. Private patients have been accepted through application only. This is because not all people are ideal candidates for Regenerative Injection Therapies or for my practice style.

This process has been limiting and it has kept me from helping more people.

As we all know, pain can't wait.

I've decided to solve this problem and open my schedule up for One-on-One Online Consultations.

Who is this for?

If you are living in Portland and interested in becoming a patient, please apply online at

If you live out of town, are interested in receiving treatment at my clinic or simply wanting more answers regarding Regenerative Injection Therapies, this is the place to start.

I am now offering Online Consultations to review your case, answer your questions, help point you in the right direction for pain resolution, and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for patient care at my clinic.

During the consultation, treatment options and alternatives will be discussed. This may entail an invitation to be treated at my clinic, a referral to another practitioner in your area, a direct link to further resources or simply an honest talk about next steps to optimize your health.

These consults are with me directly, via secure video chat. They will give you the opportunity to discuss your specific concerns/questions and determine the next steps for your individual needs.

This Online Consultation is the first step. It is designed to give you information and options you need on your journey to eliminate pain.

This is the place to start for:

  • Potential Patients wanting to be seen and treated in my clinic in Portland, OR who live outside of Portland.
  • Those wondering if I am the right doctor for their needs and would like to talk face to face. This way you can interview me before proceeding further. Trust is key.
  • Those seeking a second or third opinion.
  • Those seeking a no-nonsense, candid answer.
  • Those looking to have their cases reviewed and determine if Prolotherapy or PRP is appropriate.
  • Those in search of a referral to professionals in their area for further help or treatment.
  • Those who have more questions than the internet can answer.
  • Those with family members in pain, who would like more information on how to best direct their loved ones.
  • Those looking for the root cause of what is driving their pain (it's multi-factoral)
  • Anyone looking for more answers regarding Prolotherapy, PRP and/or stem cell therapies, how they work, what they are best for, etc.
  • Those needing further coaching on what the next best steps should be for their individual needs.

Your Instructor

Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC
Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC

I'm Dr. Tyna Moore.

I have spent the past decade of practice specializing in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies to treat all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions. As both a board certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, I feel I bring a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedic conditions.

I practice exclusively Regenerative Injection Therapies and non-surgical pain management for orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. Throughout my professional career I have focused on pain and musculoskeletal conditions.

I am uniquely qualified to quickly diagnose and treat orthopedic ailments using a variety of regenerative non-surgical Regenerative Injection Therapy techniques. I strive to utilize the most effective and advanced treatments available to assist my patients in achieving their own level of optimal performance. I also coach other physicians and I teach and lecture all over the world on Regenerative Medicine, holistic pain management and strength both in-person and online.

What does this consultation entail?

Because both your health and time are important.

  • This is a paid consultation/coaching video call, online and 60 min in duration.
  • It is designed to have your case personally reviewed by me, have your questions answered and best next steps discussed for your individual needs.
  • Prior to the consultation, I will do a full review of the personal and medical history that you provide me, including your current diagnoses, symptoms and review of any imaging reports.
  • Following the case review, I will conduct the online portion of the consultation with you to discuss your history, health, concerns and goals for treatment.
  • I will provide explanations of the procedures that I offer, information about risks, side effects, and common outcomes, and answer questions and respond to concerns.
  • In addition to determining whether your condition(s) and symptom(s) are of the type effectively treated with regenerative injection therapies, I will also consider whether you have any other conditions or limitations that make you a poor candidate for success.
  • Finally, I will advise you whether you are a candidate for regenerative injection therapies and a good fit for working with me. If so, you will be invited to schedule an in-person appointment to be examined and potentially treated with these injection therapies.

All candidates for regenerative injection therapy must first be seen in person and examined before I will provide diagnoses, specific, individualized therapy and treatment interventions. Additional testing may be required as Regenerative injection therapies are not appropriate for all patients.

If it is apparent from the information you provide during the consultation that you are not a candidate for care in our office, I will advise you. I will then do my best to advise you of next steps appropriate for your needs.

Please note: I am only taking a select number of new patients in 2018 and you understand that I may not take your case, even after this online consultation. This is for informative purposes only. With my focus being on keeping active people active and my firm belief, based on a decade of clinical experience, that a certain amount of muscle mass is necessary for the best outcomes in regenerative injection therapies, I am accepting ONLY those who regularly engage in strength training. I am also NOT accepting any new cervical or thoracic pain cases.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Bonus Materials!

How someone heals and responds to regenerative injection therapies has everything to do with a person's ability to heal well, their hormonal status, their gut health and their overall conditioning, to name a few.

Because joint pain, arthritis and degeneration are so intimately related to a person's overall health, I've included my best-selling course as a bonus! Completely FREE.

The Pain-Free & Strong 4 Week Jumpstart Program

This is my best selling course and is over four hours of content-dense information covering topics like nutrition, strength training and HIIT, sleep, hormones, toxicity, libido and more to best optimize your health!

It is such critical information that I wanted to make it available to you completely FREE (with purchase of the consultation).

This program bonus is a $197 value!

For the price of this online consultation, you are receiving:

  • The full value of the 60 minute consultation
  • $197 worth of bonus materials provided in the Pain-Free & Strong 4 Week Jumpstart Program.
  • If we do decide to work together further, your investment in this online consultation will be applied as a down payment toward your New Patient Visit cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just come into Dr. Moore's clinic and be seen as a new patient?
As not every patient is a good candidate to receive these therapies, it is the best use of time for both parties to complete this vital first step. This way your time and money is never wasted.
Does this consult ensure that I will be accepted as a patient with Dr. Moore?
Not necessarily. This is simply a consultation to discuss your individual situation and determine what next best steps are. If you are a good candidate for regenerative injection therapies AND you are a good fit for my practice, you will be invited to become a patient at my clinic in Oregon. Please read through the above content to gain a deeper understanding.
Will Dr. Moore provide me with a diagnosis and treatment plan in this consultation?
I am legally not able to diagnose any specific conditions, make specific treatment recommendations or provide any therapies in this initial online consultation. I will review your case and help direct you to your best next steps. If you do become a patient, I would need to see you IN PERSON in my clinic to legally provide you with a diagnosis and specific treatment plan.
Does Dr. Moore offer refunds?
Not after the consultation has occurred. If you cancel your appointment 2 business days in advance you will be refunded the full amount and withdrawn from the Pain-Free & Strong program.
What is the next step? How do I get scheduled?
The first step is to purchase here. Once you purchase, you will gain access to an online course. There you will find the link to schedule your online consultation, as well as further materials that you will need to review prior to your scheduled consultation time. Details of what is expected prior to your online consult are on the next page.
Does Dr. Moore bill insurance for this consultation?
No. I am not contracted with any health insurance companies and teleconsults are generally not a billable service.

"I was very pleased with my experience at Core Wellness Clinic and I am fortunate to be one of Dr. Moore’s patients. She is the third doctor I saw on my journey to getting properly diagnosed and treated, there will not be a fourth. Her incredible understanding into the causes of my condition and her insight and care during diagnosis and treatment resulted in my being pain free for the last year. I cannot imagine being treated by any other physician than Dr. Moore and her excellent staff at Core Wellness."

- Yohn Baldwin, President, Baldwin General Contracting, Inc.

"Dr. Moore loves what she does and it shows. She is a Jedi master when it comes to needles. I didn’t even see it coming! I had shoulder impingement problems and couldn’t do push-ups or weights without the shoulder keeping me back. I had one treatment of Prolotherapy in my shoulder and now I have better range of motion, increased stability and decreased pain! Her office is beautiful, and her office manager is kind and helpful. I highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed!

- Patient of Dr. Moore

"So refreshing to encounter a doctor with expertise, passion and the patient's health as priority ONE. Dr. Moore was honest about my limited prospects, convinced me to use a less expensive treatment and her staff has followed up regularly for months. The strategy seems to be working well and I think I'm on my way to full recovery. Thank you!"

- Patient of Dr. Moore

What this consultation does NOT provide

I will not conduct a physical examination during this online consultation.

I will not be able to diagnose any specific conditions, make any treatment recommendations or provide any therapies in this initial consultation.

All consultation applicants are encouraged to continue directly working with their primary and specialty physicians.

An online consultation does not guarantee that you are a candidate for treatment with me or that you will be invited to become a patient.

Regenerative injection therapy is a significant investment in your health. No known insurance companies cover these services and accepted patients are personally responsible for our fees. If I do not believe regenerative medicine is an appropriate treatment plan for you, I will not engage in expensive trials, but will instead refer you to other providers.

If, after the consultation, you appear to be a potential candidate for regenerative injection therapies, I will schedule a physical examination in our office in Portland, OR to continue our evaluation and will make further treatment recommendations and/or referral at that point.

In some instances, it may be necessary to obtain additional medical records and/or order laboratory testing before I can make a final treatment recommendation once I see you in the office.

Please note: I am only taking a select number of new patients in 2018 and you understand that I may not take your case, even after this online consultation. This is for informative purposes only. With my focus being on keeping active people active and my firm belief, based on a decade of clinical experience, that a certain amount of muscle mass is necessary for the best outcomes in regenerative injection therapies, I am accepting ONLY those who regularly engage in strength training. I am also NOT accepting any new cervical or thoracic pain cases.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Upon purchase you will gain instant access to a link to schedule your Online Consultation with Dr. Moore, along with course content that will be required homework prior to your scheduled meeting time. More information on the Check-Out page.

In health, Dr. Tyna Moore